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(New, Factory Sealed and shipped directly from manufacture)All Products are manufactured & packaged in the USA with the highest standards. Ingredients and packaging materials are locally sourced from top quality suppliers. All packaging materials are BPA Free & Eco Friendly.

Our Muscle Blend Hemp Protein Concentrate is the greatest Protein ever created on every level. 100% Plant Based and Pure. Producing maximum results without anything artificial and more effective than whey. Our Hemp Protein Concentrate is the gold standard of the protein industry and is unlike any plant based or hemp protein you have ever tried. As fitness and health experts we seek to only produce products that deliver maximum results with a focus on optimal upside while critiquing every ingredient that goes into our products. Specifically crafted for the professional bodybuilders, strength trainer, athlete and health enthusiast. So, if you are looking for the most biologically available and easily digestible complete protein source that’s healthy for both people and planet then our Muscle Blend Hemp Protein Concentrate is for you. Let us impress you with our quality products.

Uses: Muscle Growth, Muscle Recovery, Post-Workout, Pre-Workout, Immune Health, Weight Management, Protein Supplementation

Key Product Highlights:

• Increase Lean Muscle Mass

• Excellent Tasting

• Plant Based Vegan

• Mixes Easily

• Gluten Free

• No Added Sugars

• No Fillers / Thickeners

• Contains No Stimulants or Engineered Ingredients

• 20+ grams Premium Complete Protein per Serving

Suggested Directions: Mix or Blend 1/3 Cup (28g) of Muscle Blend Hemp Protein Concentrate with 1/2 Cup to 1 Cup (4-8oz) of Plant Based Milk or Water. For maximum muscle growth and recovery consume one serving immediately after workout.

Flavor Selection Details:

• Unflavored: Muscle Blend Unflavored Hemp Protein Concentrate is plain and neutral in flavor. Contains no sweeteners or flavors. Our unflavored Hemp Protein Concentrate is a favorite among health and fitness purists.

• Chocolate: Muscle Blend Dutch Chocolate Hemp Protein Concentrate is made using the finest European style Dutch chocolate. Rich and divine in flavor. This is our #2 most popular selling flavor.

• Vanilla: Muscle Blend Bourbon Vanilla Hemp Protein Concentrate is made only using select premium grade Madagascan vanilla beans that are ground into a super fine powder. Producing a gourmet vanilla flavor without the use of extracts and artificial flavors. . This is our #3 most popular selling flavor.

• Peanut Butter: Muscle Blend Peanut Butter Hemp Protein Concentrate is made using premium Georgia grown peanuts that are lightly roasted to bring out delicious peanut flavor. The lightly roasted peanuts are then finely ground into a fluffy powder. Our Peanut Butter flavored Hemp Protein Concentrate is a favorite among peanut lovers with it’s nutty flavor that’s not too overpowering. This is our fourth most popular flavor.

• Strawberry: Muscle Blend Strawberry Hemp Protein Concentrate is made using premium select ripe strawberries that are freeze dried to preserve their natural vibrant flavor. We then grind our strawberries into a fine powder in order to make the finest most pure strawberry flavored Hemp Protein Concentrate without using any extracts, artificial flavors or added colors.

• Coffee: Muscle Blend Coffee Hemp Protein Concentrate has a deliciously robust coffee flavor that’s not too intense. If an iced coffee drink is your kind of delight then you’ll surely enjoy this flavor.

About Muscle Blend:
Muscle Blend is a leading supplement brand in the natural weight loss and bodybuilding industry. All the Muscle Blend products have been thoroughly evaluated for effectiveness, purity, safety and healthiness. Muscle Blend products are used and praised by nutritional health professionals, personal fitness trainers, athletes, bodybuilders and bariatric patients around the world. Developed by natural health and fitness experts where peak performance and results are top priority. If you expect the best, most effective, healthy, nutritious, delicious: weight loss, weight management and/ or bodybuilding products then Muscle Blend is for you. Muscle Blend specializes in plant-based vegan: meal replacement shake formulas, protein powders and performance snacks. All products are 100% natural or organic, gluten free, free of added: sodium, sugars, fillers and contain no artificial stimulants or engineered ingredients. Muscle Blend’s products are made only using the purest, safest, nutrient rich ingredients. Whether you’re a top athlete, bodybuilder, health enthusiast or overweight looking to get fit. Muscle Blend has the right products to get you and keep you in top shape.

Our mission is simple: to provide the very best products and service to our customers. Muscle Blend takes great pride in our commitment to fully satisfy our customers by the products we sell and our excellence in customer service.

Our core value: manufacturing products that utilize the healthiest natural food ingredients to achieve top level results in weight loss and/or bodybuilding.

Our MOTO: Your success is our success. Meaning we want you, the customer to achieve your goal or goals. Your success and achievement is extremely important to us.